Tokyo Nights

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Tokyo Nights is a serialised fiction released on a regular basis.
Each episode will be approximatly 8-10k words in length (approx. 4-5 chapters).


Hisato, known for his rigid belief in upholding the law, graduated from the Police Academy top of his class and is now on the fast track to becoming an Inspector. Going undercover in the Yamashita Organisation had never been a part of those plans. But when his superiors requested it he dutifully jumped, undertaking the task to take down a man who’s exploits keep Tokyo streets bathed in blood and drugs – Tatsuo Ogawa.

Get in. Get proof. Get out. And stay alive.

Easy, right?

In getting close to Ogawa, Hisato discovers some uncomfortable truths about himself and with his growing attraction to Ogawa, staying alive is the least of Hisato’s worries

Relationship Pairings include: M/M, M/GQ
Content Warnings (will be added to)

Violence (graphic/semi-graphic depictions); Age-gap romance (approx 30yrs difference); Master/Pet type relationship; Dub-con; References to: Torture, Sex trade/trafficking, past underage relationship; Poly-am relationship.

Season 1

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Season Two