Rebellion – Percy’s Story

When I first sat down to begin writing Rebellion, I'd only thought of it being a single one-off story, but by they time I'd finished I realised that Percy - Lieutenant Percival Whitlock - deserved to have his own Happy-Ever-After as well. What that story might be, I had no idea and it wasn't until... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Rebellion

This week’s Rainbow Snippet comes from my latest release, Rebellion an historical romance set during the late Qing Dynasty/Victorian era and involves the events of the Boxer Rebellion. Alfred watched as Zhang stood and moved away, stripping his clothes off until he stood in the middle of the clearing bare chested. He gulped, struggled to... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Rebellion

The next few weeks I’m focusing on getting my historical novel – Rebellion, ready for publishing: finish edits, write blurb, plan out Authors Note…. Then, all I need to do is decide on the publishing date and book in promotion. This week’s snippet comes from Rebellion, set during the Boxer Rebellion (1899-1900) – Qing Dynasty... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Writing

Daughter (13yrsold): What are you doing?Me: Researching zips.Daughter: Why?Me: Need to know when they started using zippers in clothing.Daughter: Why is that important? (stares at me as though I’m bonkers)Me: Because the speed at which he can get his pants off depends on whether he’s fumbling with buttons or dealing with dodgy zippers.Daughter: Muumm!Me: Well,... Continue Reading →

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