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Sagaki: A Tokyo Nights Novella is now available on Amazon. I will publish it wide after the long weekend. While it is a part of the Tokyo Nights Universe it can be read as a standalone story. Sagaki: A Tokyo Nights Novella Tokyo Nights: Season One Episode One: Episode Two: Episode Three: Episode Four: Episode... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights

Summer is fast approaching here in New Zealand and the weather is getting warmer. Roses are blooming in my garden as are the weeds. Working on organising blog posts for the promotion on Rebellion set to release in the first week of December. So far I have three written, just need to sort out two... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights

This week has been a full-on one, filled with teenage drama brought on by the stress of their exams and getting organised for the release in December of Rebellion – my historical novel. But on the writing front I’m busy editing Sagaki: A Tokyo Nights Novella and Book Four in The Yakuza and the English... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Rebellion

The next few weeks I’m focusing on getting my historical novel – Rebellion, ready for publishing: finish edits, write blurb, plan out Authors Note…. Then, all I need to do is decide on the publishing date and book in promotion. This week’s snippet comes from Rebellion, set during the Boxer Rebellion (1899-1900) – Qing Dynasty... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights

This I published Episode Ten, the last installment of Tokyo Nights: Season One. Feels good to have finished the season and I’m pretty up with how it went, though for Season Two I will write it all in advance first. That way, there won’t be the huge pressure to write/edit/publish within a short space of... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Nights: An Adventure in Serial Writing

Writing Tokyo Nights: Season One was always going to be challenge. Pushing myself to write, edit, publish and promote a story via instalments every two weeks, especially when each instalment – episode – averaged about nine thousand words. Releasing a story by instalments in of itself wasn’t new to me, I’d written plenty of fanfiction... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights

As fiction writers we are often asked questions about the level of realism in our writing, especially regarding the use of places in a contemporary setting.  Normally it doesn’t worry me too much with smaller places in my story being completely fictional and larger named cities, the geography is dealt with in rather vague ways... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets: Tokyo Nights

  This week has been an interesting. I had a one-on-one talk with my tutor over the piece of writing (two-thousand word sample of a larger MS) I have been working on for my university course and it didn’t quite go they way I expected. Never thought I would have to defend my story for... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights

This weeks Rainbow Snippet comes from Episode Nine of Tokyo Nights, which is being released this week. Saita ripped open the sachets of sugar sitting next to his cup and tipped each one in. He absently stirred it and stared into space, his mind drifting back to that night almost a week ago now. The... Continue Reading →

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