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Queer Romance with a Twist.

  • Paranormal
  • Mpreg
  • Contemporary
  • And so much more


Finding His Eden

Eden Haversham has just turned twenty-five and the mysterious benefactor who ensured he could afford to attend university has requested they meet. Maybe it was the smartest idea to turn up at the bar, alone and without informing anyone, but Eden needed know who the man was. What he hadn’t expected was the man who sat down next to him; devilishly handsome and claiming to be the richest man in Silverdale City, Alric Drayton. And that was only the beginning of the man’s ludicrous claims that Eden was only too happy to dismiss, at first.

  Alric Drayton has waited twenty-five years for this night; the chance to finally reveal himself to Eden Haversham and make the man his. Two-thousand years of living might have taught Alric patience, but his was slowly wearing thin and now that he’d found his Eden Alric had no intention of letting him go.

Except there’s more to Alric’s world than what is written in fairy tales.

A Baby For Albie

He couldn’t be pregnant. It wasn’t possible, not at all and yet his newfound friendship with the bathroom couldn’t be denied. Albie struggled to understand how it could have happened, when a millennium of history said that it wasn’t possible when the only one he’d slept with recently was a dhampyre.

And yet….

Dominic had looked forward to this brief respite from his undercover mission; a chance to finally deal with the issue he and Albie had been dancing around for months. They both knew it, but neither wanted to admit that their relationship wasn’t casual; couldn’t be when the Fates had chosen them for each other. But this had to be joke. Did Albie honestly believe that he could stand there with a swollen belly and claim the child was his?

But sometimes the fairy tales read to children hide truth beneath them.