Summer writers series: Death of a Writer by Naomi Aoki

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Jamie Sands - Author


I logged into Draft2Digital (D2D) today to check on the publishing progress of a book with Amazon, surprise, surprise, it had not yet gone live. But was even more interesting; annoying as hell was the need to add another layer of kowtowing to Amazon and say that I give D2D permission to publish my books, on my behalf to Amazon. I know, you’d think the fact that uploaded my books to the D2D site and then checked a box would be all the proof that Amazon needed, it’s not for them to stand guard of me and protect me from unscrupulous publishers…. Oh wait, it has nothing to do with protecting me at all. It has everything to do with Amazon trying to further extend the monopoly that they have over the publishing industry, especially where it concerns Indie/Self-publishers.

Amazon is a monopoly, a horrific bullying one who doesn’t…

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New Release

Sagaki: A Tokyo Nights Novella is now available on Amazon. I will publish it wide after the long weekend. While it is a part of the Tokyo Nights Universe it can be read as a standalone story. Sagaki: A Tokyo Nights Novella Tokyo Nights: Season One Episode One: Episode Two: Episode Three: Episode Four: Episode... Continue Reading →

The Dark Alley

Suzana Writes

This is an unusual post, in that it has many authors. Yesterday in a writers’ group I’m in, we had a “Tantalizing Tuesday,” where we posted flash fiction (500 words or fewer) or poetry, using one of a set of photos, or one of four sentences as an inspiration point. Bonita Franks and I, with the authors’ permissions, of course, are posting the resulting fiction or poems to our blogs. Bonita has done half (a link to follow), and this is my half. They were all done using the same photo. Here it is. I’ll add similar images as we go.


Intriguing, isn’t it? Here are the submissions:

Yikes! Somehow I missed grabbing a submission! I’m so sorry! Here it is, in pride of place, to make up for my goof. (Forgive me, Kathy?)

Kathy Griffith

Dark Alley

The young man approached the narrow staircase with quite a bit of…

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Guest post: Point of view and language by Naomi Aoki


As a Romance Writer, my preferred method of crafting stories is to write them in third-person limited/dual point of view. I like being able to convey both sides of the story as a relationship between the two main characters develops. Occasionally one of the secondary characters will get a word in and give their opinion on proceedings, but there needs to be a darn good reason for them doing so – or they are just too damn noisy.

In saying that, my characters can get rather vocal while I’m drafting, shouting out their wishes and desires until I write it down, sometimes it’s even contrary to how I thought the story should go… but it is their story to tell… and I’m getting side-tracked.

But, in my current WIP, my preferred method of storytelling is not the one I’m using. Instead it’s being written in third-person/single point of view, for…

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Foreign Lands–Foreign Words

It is always great, fantastic even to see stories set in non-English speaking countries. And even more so if one or more of the main characters is from that country. But it does then call into question how to use the language of this new setting. Do you use it at all?The answer to that... Continue Reading →

The Little Details

A question to ponder as writers and as readers is how much detail we need to be given about a character:Do we need to know the exact brands of clothes they wear or car they drive or even the type of drink they consume? Are there better ways to show a character’s personality and preferences... Continue Reading →

Stuck in My Head

We all have songs that get stuck in our heads. Lyrics, music beats which decide our mind is the best place to hang out, dancing about inside it without caring if you actually like it. Annoying advertising jingles for products you’ll never buy; the latest catchy tune everyone is singing or even a song from... Continue Reading →

Naming Characters…

.....its not easy. Trying to chose names for characters can be a daunting task. Too many choices. Which spelling do I use? Is this name appropriate for the time period? What does the name mean? And is that important?   And that is only the beginning. Names can conjour up different feelings in a reader... Continue Reading →

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