The Yakuza and the English Teacher Series

Dangerous Lessons –  Book One

Dangerous (1)

Falling in love had never been the plan.

But when a powerful businessman takes an interest in Jamie how can he say no.

Except Gou is no ordinary businessman.

When the truth comes out, does Jamie run or chose to stay?

And will he have a choice?


Dangerous Love – Book Two


DangerousGou’s world is dangerous, Jamie knows this. Has experienced it firsthand and yet he still promised to stay. A promise Jamie now wonders if he shouldn’t have made. Kyoto might be quiet, for now, but Jamie knows it won’t stay that way and he needs to decide if wants to be here when it returns.

But the danger never left Kyoto. Gou kept it hidden, choosing to protect Jamie.

And when Jamie is threatened by those behind the attacks in Nara he decides not to tell Gou.

When they realise their mistake will it be to late?

Can they salvage the love they had or will those coming after Gou, win it all?


Dangerous Life – Book Three (COMING SOON)


Dangerous (2)

Gou is frightened. And with every step Jamie takes into his world, that fear grows.

He wants Jamie by his side.

Wants to keep Jamie safe.

But how can he do that when Jamie is determined to be more than a lover.

Honour. Family. Love. Trust.

When danger strikes again, the decisions they make could end it all.