The Yakuza and the English Teacher Series

Dangerous (1)
Falling in love had never been the plan.
But when a powerful businessman takes an interest in Jamie how can he say no.
Except Gou is no ordinary businessman.
When the truth comes out, does Jamie run or chose to stay?
And will he have a choice?
Gou’s world is dangerous, Jamie knows this. Has experienced it firsthand and yet he still promised to stay. A promise Jamie now wonders if he shouldn’t have made. Kyoto might be quiet, for now, but Jamie knows it won’t stay that way and he needs to decide if wants to be here when it returns.
But the danger never left Kyoto. Gou kept it hidden, choosing to protect Jamie.
And when Jamie is threatened by those behind the attacks in Nara he decides not to tell Gou.
When they realise their mistake will it be to late?
Can they salvage the love they had or will those coming after Gou, win it all?
Gou is frightened. And with every step Jamie takes into his world, that fear grows.
He wants Jamie by his side.
He wants to keep Jamie safe.
But how cane he do that when Jamie is determined to be more than just a lover?
Honour. Family. Trust.
When danger strikes again the decisions they make could end it all.
Crossing the Line (Brian and Ken’s story)
Brian is unashamedly Bi. He doesn’t see the point in hiding who he chooses to sleep with so long as they don’t expect a relationship. Brian doesn’t do relationships, long-term commitment or whatever you want to name it; the people he dated chosen for their usefulness – a judge’s son, a lawyer’s daughter – to help solve cases or make evidence disappear. Family comes first and keeping his father and his cronies out of jail is a fulltime job by itself.

But when his best mate Jamie returns to New Zealand he brings chaos to Brian’s world – Kennosuke Kitayama. Kennosuke tugged at Brian in ways he desperately wanted to deny; and it only got worse when he allowed himself to indulge in a summer fling. What harm could it bring? Wasn’t like Kennosuke would be here for long. Brian could have his fun, Kennosuke would leave and life would continue as normal.

However, fate had other plans and so does his father.
Determined to take his groups operation internationally, Brian’s father seeks to make a deal with Jamie’s husband – the head of Yakuza organisation in Kyoto and Kennosuke’s uncle – that will see Kennosuke thrust back into Brian’s life and bringing all the feelings he’d wanted to deny to the surface. Both his and Kennosuke’s. But when the deal goes south Brian must make a choice: maintain his cover as a Police Officer or throw his career aside to rescue Kennosuke?

Tokyo Nights – Season One

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Hisato, known for his rigid belief in upholding the law, graduated from the Police Academy top of his class and is now on the fast track to becoming an Inspector. Going undercover in the Yamashita Organisation had never been a part of those plans. But when his superiors requested it he dutifully jumped, undertaking the task to take down a man who’s exploits keep Tokyo streets bathed in blood and drugs – Tatsuo Ogawa.

Get in. Get proof. Get out. And stay alive.

Easy, right?

In getting close to Ogawa, Hisato discovers some uncomfortable truths about himself and with his growing attraction to Ogawa, staying alive is the least of Hisato’s worries

Sagaki: A Tokyo Nights Novella

Jun Sagaki had it easy, well as easy as things could be for a Yakuza. He oversaw a profitable area of Tokyo for the Imaida and looked on track to become the Boss. Eventually. One day in


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Men of Science Series

Rueben headed to China intent on discovering the secrets buried in the earth.
But instead it was the secrets buried within himself that were uncovered.