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Dangerous Lessons – A Trip to Nara

In the midst of all the danger surrounding him because of his relationship with Gou and trying to workout whether or not he wanted to remain by the man’s side, Jamie is given the opportunity to visit Nara. Gou needs to go there to handle business with the former capital of Japan an area that… Continue reading Dangerous Lessons – A Trip to Nara


Guest post: Point of view and language by Naomi Aoki


As a Romance Writer, my preferred method of crafting stories is to write them in third-person limited/dual point of view. I like being able to convey both sides of the story as a relationship between the two main characters develops. Occasionally one of the secondary characters will get a word in and give their opinion on proceedings, but there needs to be a darn good reason for them doing so – or they are just too damn noisy.

In saying that, my characters can get rather vocal while I’m drafting, shouting out their wishes and desires until I write it down, sometimes it’s even contrary to how I thought the story should go… but it is their story to tell… and I’m getting side-tracked.

But, in my current WIP, my preferred method of storytelling is not the one I’m using. Instead it’s being written in third-person/single point of view, for…

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