Rainbow Snippet–Tokyo Nights

Tokyo Nights: Episode Two is now available and Episode Three is almost ready for release, while two more are waiting to be edited. I’m taking a break from writing it for the next two days – writing anything – after injuring my thumb coaching gymnastics. It doesn’t hurt – not a good thing – but... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Nights: Episode Two – Release

  After much frustration Episode Two is finally released... whew! I hope Episode Three won't prove to be as difficult to get up... well I can hope. Hisato continues to his struggle to stick to his assignment, but his growing attraction to Ogawa threatens to derail him. Ogawa isn't faring much better, finding he needs... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippet–Tokyo Nights

I had hoped that Episode Two of Tokyo Nights would already be available, but… well, Amazon isn’t making it easy. Fingers crossed it goes live soon.... But anyway, one can't stop writing because of Amazon, so, here is a snippet from the first draft of Episode Five. ………………………………. Hisato groaned, overwhelmed by a sudden restlessness... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippet–Tokyo Nights S1 E2

This weeks snippet is a sneak peek from Tokyo Nights – Episode Two, releasing this Thursday – hopefully. I’ve now put up character information under the Tokyo Nights page. It’s only basic but I will add to it as I go. The serial is keeping me pretty busy trying to manage different parts of the... Continue Reading →

Bad Boy Seduction–The Darker Side of Romance

You pick the book up marveling at its glossy cover, the muscled-scowling-bare-chested man dominating it and you suck a breath in. It’s not like you aren’t used to seeing half-naked men on the covers of your coveted romance novels – business men with ties dangling between hard pecs, their shirt wide open or denim-clad, leather-pants-wearing... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippet–Tokyo Nights

Tokyo Nights: Season One, Episode One has been released! Though while I've found writing a serial provides instant gratification with seeing an end product quickly, but the process of cover design and promo graphics etc is condensed into a shorter time span. Sigh… It’s good then that I’m enjoying writing it. You can also keep... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights

This is a sneak peek from Episode 2 of Tokyo Nights. The first episode will be released soon, just need to add a few finishing touches to it, load it up and hit publish. Blurb: Hisato, known for his rigid belief in upholding the law, graduated from the Police Academy top of his class and... Continue Reading →

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