A Mother of three teenage children, one of whom loves to tell people that her mother writes romance stories about gay men just to see their reaction.

A lover of Anime and Manga, especially Sports, Yaoi and Romance genres.

Reader, Writer and Language learner. Though despite working towards a BA majoring in Chinese, I wouldn’t say I’m fluent (I read it better than I can speak it). My minors are in Japanese and Creative Writing.

The contemprary stories I write are based predominantly in Japan or China in places I’ve visited or want to visit. My Historicals involve time periods or situations not often talked about with my characters often being actively involved in the events occuring around them.


Member of RWNZ since 2017.

Twitter: @naomiaokiauthor

Facebook: @naomiaokiauthor

Reader’s Group: Kiwi Authors Rainbow Reads

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