New Release – Deadly Game (Tokyo Nights Bk1)

A month or so back I made the decision to pull down my Tokyo Nights series and rewrite it. While the overarching plot hasn’t changed, I have shifted scenes around, added to words to some and made the writing tighter. It also reminded me how much I love writing Yakuza Romance. So now instead of ten part seasons, Season One has become Deadly Game (Tokyo Nights Bk 1)… Season Two will be released as Deadly Gamble with book three still to be written but tentatively titled, Deadly Gifts.

Deadly Game (Tokyo Nights Bk 1)

Get in. Get proof. Get out alive. Easy, right?

All Hisato Shibata had ever wanted to be was a police officer, to work his way through the ranks like his father had. Wanted to be known as an officer who upheld the oaths he’d sworn and keep the streets of Tokyo free of men like Tatsuo Ogawa—Shinjuku Ward boss for the Yamashita Organisation. Going undercover had never been a part of his plans, but when his superiors put the assignment in front of him, he dutifully agreed.

But in getting close to Ogawa, Hisato learns some uncomfortable truths about himself. Add in his growing attraction to Ogawa and the two men close to him, getting out alive is the least of his worries.

Available on: Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, Apple, B&N

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