Winged Love (Silverdale Wolves 4)

It's been more than twelve months since I released a book in the Silverdale Wolves series... I promise it won't be another twelve months until the next one. In fact, I plan it release the final book in the series Tainted Love in October. 

Winged Love wasn't an easy book to write as all my original plans for it being tossed out the window by my characters. When I was ninety percent done with the draft, my wolf Maakys decided that he really wasn't keen on this whole having children business... a bit of a problem when the book is set in an MPreg universe. But then I realised, just because the story is set in a world where Maakys had the ability to have children, it didn't automatically mean that he'd want to.

Winged Love (Silverdale Wolves Book Four)

Find your fated. Have children. Live happily-ever-after.

Maaskys had heard those words repeated over and over as he’d grown up. A prescription as to how a wolf was supposed to live his life. Except wolves weren’t supposed to be fated to wyverns…their life spans were too incompatible to make it work. And Maaksy knew first-hand what happened to wyverns who’d lost their fated partners. He’d spent decades with his former pack hunting down wyverns, dragons of any kind who’d succumbed to dragons-grief and ending their misery. Permanently. It wasn’t a future he wanted for Caelan, but the wyvern had no intention of being ignored.

Maybe the Fates had a cruel sense of humour.

Or maybe the truth had been buried by history, their forever not so impossible.

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