New Release: Knighted Heart

Knighted Heart (The Moutram's Book Two) 

At the age of seven Barric stood on his seat in the middle of feast being held to celebrate the recent knighting of his Uncle Willem and his uncle’s best friend and declared that he’d one day marry Sir Jarret. He’d spoken with conviction, words that came straight from his heart and they were met with raucous laughter by the adults gathered. No one took him seriously then nor in the years that followed as Barric’s determination to make the older knight his didn’t wane.

But now at the age of twenty-one Barric planned to make his dreams true and nothing would stop him. Not their age gap. Not his uncle… nor even the King.

When his uncle allows personal feelings to cloud his judgement and banishes Jarret to a border fort under siege from a neighbouring kingdom, Barric is forced into a decision: Obey the orders of his King or stay true to his love for Jarret.

Drawn onto the battlefield once more Barric fights not only for the Kingdom, but for the protection of Jarret and their unborn child.

Born of the Knight (The Moutram’s Book One)

Wild Heat
Previously published in the When the Smoke Clears Anthology.

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