New Release: Born of the Knight

During lockdown I spent a lot of time focused on my writing and moved away from contemporary stories and into historicals with a fantasy type element. It wasn't even the books I was supposed to be writing that I focused on, with one series of three planned books needing to be abandoned/set aside with the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics.

Born of the Knight is the first book in my new The Moutram's series. I hadn't considered writing a medieval set book at all - not now or in furture years - but plot bunnies tend to hit when you least expect them and after stumbling on a picture of a Knight while searching for images for other projects, the story just began writing itself. At this stage I have ideas for four books, though there is the potential for maybe nine or ten in the series which is set around the Moutram family.

Born of the Knight is a Medieval Mpreg story that includes: Royalty, Second Chances, Friends to Lovers, A Secret Baby.

Not everyone gets a second chance at love, but King Avan refused to be one of those who missed out. In the five years since Sir Willem’s disappearance, he’d not stopped searching for the errant knight. But finding Sir Willem meant discovering the secret the knight kept for five years, the existence of a child who bore a remarkable resemblance to King Avan.

Will the love they once held for each other be rekindled?

And will the kingdom accept an heir born of a knight?

Book Two: Knighted Heart is due to be released late July/August

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