Crime Lords Series

Princes: Crime Lords Part Three

Princes: Crime Lords Part Three
Princes: Before he met them, Aidan’s life had been easy. Nights spent on the town with his friends and not caring what tomorrow brought. Days of avoiding the responsibilities his grandfather wanted to hand over to him… but they—Misaki and Kristof—changed all that and Aidan can’t bring himself to regret any of it. But their world isn’t kind. As Aidan fights to keep the Martel Group from being consigned to history, it might be his love for Kristof and Misaki that is sacrificed.

Kings: Misaki is sick of being betrayed by those he trusts. Sick of being hurt by them. Sick of being an afterthought. And yet his feelings for Aidan and Kristof aren’t so easily discarded. Kristof’s world is crumbling around him, but instead of trying fix it he lashes out more. If he can’t be happy then neither can Aidan or Misaki.

Dukes: For once, Demetri can see nothing but the future with Ji-Hun he’s always longed for.
Kings: Dukes

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