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Bertie (Men of Science Bk 2)

Berties story came about from a mistake I'd made in the initial draft of Rueben in assuming that there were trains operating within in China in the late 1870's. Intrigued by this I looked more into the reasons behind it and the characters quickly followed.

Book three in the series will follow Dr Albert Medlington who came to China to look at how they approached medicine/healthcare compared to the West. This is at a time when Western medicine is taking a more scientific approach with the modern ideas of germ theory and hygienic practices taking hold of the profession.
British Engineer x 2 Feng Shui Masters
1870’s Shanghai
Do not fear change. Seek to learn what you do not know…
Hubert ‘Bertie’ Thwaites is struggling with the Chinese bureaucracy and their refusal to approve his employer’s plan to establish a rail line from Shanghai to Beijing. Understands even less why Feng Shui—or what it even is—keeps being thrown up as the reason why a railway can’t be constructed. As his frustration grows, Bertie fears that the whole project might fail before its even begun, but he isn’t prepared to accept defeat yet. Pointed in the direction of two Feng Shui Masters’ with the political clout he needs, Bertie doesn’t hesitate to seek them out. But what he learns is more than the information needed to get his plans successfully approved.
Mutual love is within the reach of all.
Yang Hei and Yin Guang had worked themselves up from nothing to a position where even the top tiers of Shanghai society sought out their guidance, and it had been any easy choice to extend their services to foreigners desperate to get a foothold in China. But when Hubert Thwaites approached them at a soiree put on by another English merchant for assistance, they find themselves conflicted. Desiring a connection with Hubert that went beyond a simple business transaction, everything becomes complicated as emotions get heated and misunderstandings cause heartache. Will it be possible for Yang and Yin to bring Thwaites into their relationship successfully or will one of them need to make a choice and walk away?

Men of Science Series

Rueben (Men of Science Bk 1)
Paleontologist x Translator/Guide

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