Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

The hours are counting down until the end of another year; another decade as time rushes on with little for care for those scrambling to keep up. As kids we all pooh pooed adults who’d complain about time passing to quick, but now that I am older, I sometimes wish time could stand still a little… at least long enough for me to get my books finished by my self-imposed deadlines.

 And you always feel as time rushes past that you haven’t come close to achieving everything you wanted too. Yet, as I look back, I can see that I achieved an awful lot. Might not have written all the books I’d set out too, but I did start a second pen name and wrote six books under it while also writing several under my Naomi name. I can also see where my writing, my book cover designs have changed since I published my first book just over 2 years ago… though I’d also say that I’m more nervous—less confident—about my writing than I was back then. Easier to see flaws, harder not to compare yourself to others.  
 But I’m not just a writer, I’m a reader too and I’ve read so many books this year—too many to count—that it was hard to narrow it down to a list of my top favourites. 
TOP 19 of 2019 
 ·         Claiming Marcus (Jocelyn Drake)
 ·         Deosil (Jordan L Hawk)
 ·         Once Ghosted, Twice Shy (Alyssa Cole)
 ·         Light Bearer (LC Davis)
 ·         Ignite (Drake/Elliot)
 ·         The Mystery of the Bones (CS Poe)
 ·         Reverb (Anna Zabo)
 ·         Alphas of Western Province (Kelex)
 ·         The 7th of December (Garrick Jones)
 ·         Wilde Love (Lucy Lennox)
 ·         Fog City series (Layla Reyne)
 ·         Not Dead Yet series (Jenn Burke)
 ·         Under the Radar (Lillian Francis)
 ·         Tallowwood (NR Walker)
 ·         The Dichotomy of Angels (NR Walker)
 ·         Best Man (Lily Morton)
 ·         Soul on Fire (Tal Bauer)
 ·         Hell and Gone (Tal Bauer)
2020 is looking promising for great reads, though maybe not for my bank account. 

Looking Forward…

 As the New Year approaches, I am beginning to plan out what books I hope to get written next year. Of course, plans always change, but hopefully mine won’t deviate too much.
Mandy Greenwood books planned for 2020:
 ·         Silverdale Wolves books 4 and 5. Covers and pairings have already been decided for these so far.
 ·         Going for Gold series. I intend to have at least 3 books written/published in this series by the opening of the 2020 Tokyo Games. I’ve already begun working on the first book a gymnastics story titled, Flex.
Naomi Aoki books planned for 2020:
 ·         Publish Bertie’s story (Men of Science Book Two) in late Jan.
 ·         Write/Publish/Research Albert’s story. This book had originally been planned as book 4 but has been moved to book 3.
 ·         Write/Plan/Research, Serendipity. This book while standalone, follows on from Rebellion and is Percy’s story.
 ·         Write/Publish the final season of Tokyo Nights. 

Naomi Aoki

Mandy Greenwood

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