New Release: Fated Rivals

Newly released under my Mandy Greenwood pen name: 
Fated Rivals (Silverdale Wolves Book Three).

For ten years they’d fought against it.
For sixty years they’d kept it hidden.
But now the lies are unravelling, and the fallout could destroy everything.

Kaius and Lyndon were like Romeo and Juliet, star-crossed lovers with everything against them, except they wanted a happy-ever-after. High-ranked members of rival packs—Fisher and Silver Ridge—theirs was a fated pairing that wouldn’t be accepted and yet they’d managed to keep it hidden from everyone. But now a pregnancy threatens to tear it all to pieces. A pup that is very much wanted… and one that will force them to decide whether they:

Stay together and leave their packs,
Or remain loyal to those who wish to keep them apart.
#FatedLovers #EnemiestoLovers #Mpreg

I've headed back to the world of Tokyo Nights and have begun drafting Kirushima's novella. So far I have three chapters written and a cover made. Sagaki's novella will also be getting a new cover to match. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of the month.

Book Two in the Men of Science series is almost at the halfway point, sitting at 25k words. Sign up to my newsletter to read an excerpt from it. 

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