New Release

Their Librarian (Silverdale Wolves Book One) is now in the hands of the publishing Gods, so hopefully it doesnt take to long to go live.

This story has really kicked my arse. It quickly become apparent that it wasn’t going to stay under 35k word – not surprising really when it has three main characters – and my self-imposed deadline passed by without it being finished.

It continues the supspense plot line that was begun in the Silverdale Coven series as will all the Silverdale Wolves series, but also the growing disquiet within the Silverdale wolf community. Their Librarian, sees the twin wolves whom we met in Albie’s story (A Baby for Albie) hunt down the wolf working with the Timere Lucen.

NB: This story does contain taboo elements that may not appeal to everyone.

Rumours were spreading through the wolf community that one their own had turned against the Silverdale Coven and was working for the Timere Lucen. Accusations were made, and fingers were pointed at rival packs and at the lone wolves who called the city home. Not even those employed by the coven were immune from suspicion as Archer, a wolf who’d lived in the city for the past five years and worked in the coven’s library, soon discovered.

Yet pack politics hampered the ability of those wishing to investigate the allegations being made. The packs struggling to agree on who should oversee it all. That’s until Broderick and Roderick’s names are put forward; the pair regard highly within the wider wolf community who believed they would be fair and just in their search for the traitor. But that sense of fairness; of justice would be tested as more and more fingers are pointed in Archer’s direction, the wolf they knew was their fated one.

Loyal to the pack,

Loyal to the coven,

Or did they abandon it all and remain loyal to their mate?

Naomi Aoki – News

I did have about 12k written on Bertie (Men of Science Book Two), but have since shoved what I’ve written aside to start again. It just wasn’t working; the atmosphere around it wasn’t quite right. But with a bit more digging into the history of rail in China and discovering an article written about the issues foreigners had with developing it (and the issues they caused) I’ve got a better handle on how the plot should develop. In other words, released date won’t be September.

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