New Release/Update

Love You Forever, Drayce is the third and final book in the Silverdale Coven series, but isnt the last we’ll hear of the inhabitants of Silverdale city or of their problems with the Timere Lucen. Releasing next month is Their Librarian, the first book in the spin-off series, Silverdale Wolves.

A second chance at love, three hundred years after they first met.

In Their Librarian we follow the twins, Broderick and Roderick as they chase down a traitor within the wolf community and the librarian they want to make theirs.

Loyal to their pack or to the coven.
Or did they abandon it all for the man they love.

Sneak Peek – Their Librarian

He pulled his jacket around him tighter as a cold wind swept through the gaps of the building and nipped at his exposed skin. Archer wished he could shift, shake out is fur and just run. Wear off the nervous tension that continued to worm its way through him. Watching the video of Broderick and Roderick might have eased his anger but it had made everything else ache worse. He just wanted to get home, stretch out on the couch after a long hot shower and do nothing. Maybe grab a glass of pinot gris and either carpaccio or steak tartare to go with it.
But shifting wasn’t an option. Too many humans present on campus.

Archer strolled out the university gates and turned left, heading away from the mansion and toward a nearby bus stop. Shoved his hands in his pockets and tapped his foot as he waited for the No.10 bus that would take him into the centre of the city, his apartment building only a ten-minute walk from there. He knew many of the wolves he worked with thought it strange that he lived in the middle of the city away from any of their kind, including other lone wolves. His last place—the one he’d been forced to sell—had been a hundred-year-old villa surrounded by bush that he’d spent years modifying to suit his particular tastes and adjusting to city living had been hard. But the idea of living near any of the packs or the apartment buildings favoured by other lone wolves toward the outskirts of the city…Archer found he couldn’t do it, the fear of them realising that he was broken; a potential burden to them all keeping him away.

He stepped off the bus and froze, a cold prickling sensation crept up his spine as though someone was watching him. A sensation that didn’t disappear as he walked toward his apartment building, glancing over his shoulder looking for signs of anyone acting suspiciously. Not even the twin’s stalking of him through the library evoked this kind of reaction—a sense of danger that shouldn’t exist in a place like Silverdale. Five years ago, it wouldn’t have been a problem, Archer could have sniffed whoever was tailing him out and easily disposed of him…now though he could only walk faster and try to reach the safety of his home.
Finding His Eden
A Baby for Albie
Love You Forever, Drayce

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