Rainbow Snippets – Rueben

It’s been awhile since I last wrote a blog post or even one for Rainbow Snippets. Things got a little busy writing wise. And it all started with the decison to focus on historicals this year… No sooner had I made that decision that my brain thought that maybe it was a good idea to through a whole lot of plot bunnies at me and not just random ones with little substance, but fully fledged ones. But to make it even more frustrating- exciting – it was in a sub-genre I hadn’t written before and didn’t fit my current brand… And so another pen name – Mandy Greenwood – came into being along with a blurb for the first book of a new series – Silverdale Coven: A Paranormal Mpreg Series – and quick on its heels a cover as well. Somedays when my brain decides to be creative it doesn’t do it by halves.

But that didn’t mean my historical work that I was working on got tossed aside either, with book one in the Men of Science series on track to be released by the end of the month, and I’ve already have cover made and 2000 words written for the draft of book 2.

Today’s snippet comes from Rueben (Men of Science Book One). Set in 1870’s China, it is a love story between Rueben Strang, a paleontologist and Yuan Xi, his translator/guide.

“I… yes-” Strang stared at the bowl in his hands strangely. “-just processing everything. Never thought I’d ever…” his voice chocked off by the emotion and Yuan was unsure what to do. Would a reassuring touch be taken the wrong way or even be welcome? He was still confused about what it was Strang needed, wanted. Strang picked up on his muddled his thoughts, laughing as he leaned over and bumped their shoulders together and then cursing as hot soup splashed over his hands. “I’m not fragile. You don’t have to treat me as though I’ll break… or run at the slightest touch. It’s sex… intimacy that I have no clue about… that overwhelms me.”

Coming May 10th

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