Rainbow Snippets: New WIP

My progress on my current WIP was tracking well until Friday NZ time and then it all stuttered and it’s taking a bit to get back into the right mindset. Still trying to process that something so horrific could happen in a country like mine and in place that is still recovering from devestating earthquakes. Racism/Discrimination isn’t an issue that a country can ever claim to be free of and in NZ it has never been a clear cut issue of White vs POC… my children are mixed race – NZ European/NZ Maori – and two of them have had comments made about them that have infuriated them. One has had their maori ancestery questioned because they were white, because you know genetics… while the other was told she wasn’t brown enough by other maori students and has had her sexuality challenged being openly Bi.

Yes they’re are groups who do view the whiteness of their skin as being something that should be applauded; make their voices loud during elections over issues of immigration and vandalised grave sites… but what happened on Friday was something else.

It isn’t New Zealand.

To kickstart my writing I’ve begun revising the first part of my WIP… there is some historical inaccuracies that need to be torn out and replaced:

Folding the piece of paper up and slipping into his sleeve, Yuan turned his attention fully to Strang expecting the man to be angry at his taking the address from him. But he wasn’t. Strang’s attention already shifting to the busy port and to The Bund beyond it, wide-eyed gaze drifting over the clash of cultures found here. European stone buildings that towered over the wide streets, business men wearing fashion a season or two behind walking alongside women carrying parasols and the sounds of Shanghai locals speaking rapidly to each other, shouting out the latest specials at the few Chinese run businesses while government officials raced about the place from the comfort of their palanquins.

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