Rainbow Snippets – My New WIP Needs a Title

The first draft of a my new WIP is well underway but it still lacks a title. Curently the file is saved as ‘Love Amongst the Bones’ it is a title that sparks a romantic feel even if one of the main characters is a paleontologist. Hopefully I’ll figure it out before I come to publish it…

As my new WIP is based around a paleontologist I’m also finding that on top of research for the Chinese setting, I’m also needing to delve into geology and all the names of different rock types where fossils can be found and how they are formed. At the moment my draft is just littered with the words rock or stone used intercharngeably.

Tokyo Nights: Season Two continues to be released, with Episode Three going live this week. I’ve also bundled up the Episodes from Season One and have lready released the first bundle – Episodes 1-3.

This weeks Rainbow Snippet comes from my new WIP.

An expression rested on Yuan’s face that hurt to see; gone the playful teasing manner of before and Rueben missed it. Wanted to reach out and stroke Yuan’s cheek until he coaxed his lips back into the shape of a smile.

And that’s why he needed to put distance between them.

But that distance; his running from whatever this spark between them was had caused that expression he hated.

Rueben had never stopped to consider… ‘this’. Women hadn’t interested him; not a single flicker of desire had ever struck him. Rueben had shrugged it off, turned his attention to his books and not once thought to investigate where his interests might lie. Never thought to question why his gaze lingered over an attractive male form. Still wasn’t sure if he wanted to think about it. But his body and mind were no longer talking.

Dangerous Lessons: Dangerous Love: Dangerous Life
Crossing the Line

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