Rainbow Snippets: Starting a New WIP

I’ve been busy writing on multiple fronts recently. Tokyo Nights: Season Two Episodes is currently being edited and episodes published every fortnight – so far two episodes have gone live. Also have begun working on my next WIP is an untitled novel centered around a paleontologist and a translator/guide he employeees during 1870’s China. I’m planning for it to be part of a standalone series centered around scientists/science based professions. One story idea came about because of an historical inaccuracey in the current WIP when I inadvertantly had my characters jump in a train to journey across China, however trains didn’t become a part of the transport system in China until the mid-1890’s. That part is going to fun to re-edit later.

This weeks Rainbow Snippet comes from my new WIP.

A panicked shout drew Yuan’s attention back to The Vanguard, his eyes widening as he watched a hat land in the water while a man dangled half over the ship’s railings. Two sailors cursed, frantically trying to drag the man back on board before he too landed in the narrow strip of water between The Vanguard and the ship moored next to it. The beige-suited man must have lurched after his hat, desperate to catch it after a gust of wind had sweep up the Huangpu River and snatched it from his head. But how he’d forgotten that he was still aboard the ship was one thing Yuan couldn’t understand, and he shook his head pitying whoever had the misfortune of working with the clumsy fellow.

Tokyo Nights: Season Two – Episode One: Episode Two

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