Rainbow Snippets – Tokyo Nights

The first draft of Tokyo Nights: Season Two is almost finished with only one scene to go. But as its a pivitol scene – tying up aspects of Season Two’s plot arcs and setting the stage for the third season conclusion – it can be a little more difficult to get right; characters not always willing to show how it should all play out. Thankfully it can wait with editing and typing up of the remaining episodes keeping me plenty busy.

I’ve also begun to write my next wip and have about 3k written so far. Set in 1870’s China and revolving around a paleontologist and his guide/translator it is looking to be more Rom-com than angst ridden which is a first for me. But one can’t argue with a character who could have fallen out of any of the great British Comedies from the 70’s and 80’s – I swear my paleontologist is chanelling Frank Spencer.

This weeks snippet though a little late is from Tokyo Nights: Season Two Episode Eight and is another piece concerning Angel:

Nostalgia was a cruel beast. Walking into the apartment they’d run from ten years ago and finding nothing had changed was a cruel reality Angel didn’t know how to process. Shock. Horror. A strange unnerving satisfaction settled over them at the sight of everything that was once so familiar and knowing Goushi hadn’t changed any of it. Shoes they hadn’t taken still sat tidily in the shelves next to the door waiting to be worn despite being dated – what had their younger self thought coveting those garish jewelled footwear – and covered in a layer of dust. The same cream coloured walls displayed the same works of art: pictures of Angel from another time who’d been happy to pose naked, provocatively for Goushi hung next to works of art that should belong in the museums and art collections they’d been stolen from. Black furniture, sleek leather and the blankets they’d loved to wrap tight around themself still draped over them. Frozen in time, waiting patiently for Angel to return. Home.

Tokyo Nights: Season Two Episode One

Balancing his career as a detective and being a Yakuza’s lover was never going to be easy, Hisato knew that. But he hadn’t signed on for the bodies left as presents or a new partner who seems hell bent on arresting Ogawa. And it doesn’t help that Hisato hasn’t seen Ogawa in… months.

Something must give.

But will it be his career or his relationship?

Tokyo Nights: Season One – Episodes 1-10

Hisato, known for his rigid belief in upholding the law, graduated from the Police Academy top of his class and is now on the fast track to becoming an Inspector. Going undercover in the Yamashita Organisation had never been a part of those plans. But when his superiors requested it he dutifully jumped, undertaking the task to take down a man who’s exploits keep Tokyo streets bathed in blood and drugs – Tatsuo Ogawa.

Get in. Get proof. Get out. And stay alive. Easy, right?

In getting close to Ogawa, Hisato discovers some uncomfortable truths about himself and with his growing attraction to Ogawa, staying alive is the least of Hisato’s worries

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