Rainbow Snippets: Tokyo Nights S2

Episode One of Tokyo Nights: Season Two has been released, though I’m still waiting for it to go live in all markets. Editing of Episode Two is underway and the draft of the final episode is creeping toward completion. Of course being summer and having a heat wave – because yes, 28C is not an average temperature where I live, especially several days in a row – makes it hard to work when all you want to do is curl up in the shade and read a book.

Today’s snippet comes from an unedited part of Episode Two.

   A low snarl emanated from Shibata as he took his clothes off. Roughly unbuttoning his jacket, his shirt and dumping them on the ground. His pain even harder to hide as he tugged his undershirt off dropping it with the rest of his clothes. “Happy now!” But for the anger the two words carried, Tatsuo could hear the frustration that edged them. Shibata hated allowing it to happen.
Tatsuo wanted to hunt whoever had done this to Shibata down and kill them. Slowly. His gaze drifted over Shibata’s skin, cataloguing each mottled blue-red bruise that had painted it.

Tokyo Nights: Season Two

Season Two: Episode One

Balancing his career as a detective and being a Yakuza’s lover was never going to be easy, Hisato knew that. But he hadn’t signed on for the bodies left as presents or a new partner who seems hell bent on arresting Ogawa. And it doesn’t help that Hisato hasn’t seen Ogawa in… months.

Something must give.

But will it be his career or his relationship?

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