Rainbow Snippets – Tokyo Nights S2

This week has been a mixed week on the writing on front. I’ve hit the ‘almost finished the story’ slump, though I’m slow working around it and the words should pick up pace again soon. Fingers crossed. Only 16k words to finish the first draft of Season Two and then I can focus on the next story: a historical romance set in Qing Dynasty China circa 1870, between a bumbling paleontologist and his guide/translator (who feels more like he’s undertaken a babysitting job).

I’ve finally set up a newsletter that I should have done twelve months ago… better late than never, right? To go with it I’ve also bundled up the first three episodes of Tokyo Nights: Season One to give away for a limited time – and to celebrate the impending release of Season Two: Episode One. Now I just needed to finish writing it so I can send it out on the 4th February.

And finally to celebrate my birthday and the Chinese New Year as they fall in the same week this year, I’m planning a limited time sale on Rebellion. Details will be in the Newsletter; on my facebook page and readers group.

This weeks snippet comes from Tokyo Nights: Episode 7 and is not as dark as last weeks.

“Detective-” Tatsuo dropped his hands from his hair and let them hang loose at his sides. He wiped all the emotion from his face – anything that might give Takagi an edge. Right now, he was the prey and Takagi the predator, and it was an uncomfortable position to be in. “-the accommodations are a little sparse for my liking.”

Takagi stepped closer, hands shoved in his pockets. “We don’t run a hotel Ogawa, but we are however looking forward to your extended stay, though we might have to downgrade you to something even smaller.” His lip curled, letting a flicker of that danger Tatsuo could see free. “You may have escaped capture before; escaped convictions for all the crimes you’ve committed, but you wont this time. I won’t let you.”

Tatsuo tipped his head back and laughed. “You won’t let me… Detective you seem to forget how this world works; how the game is played. I won’t be staying here any longer than necessary. The charges you’ve so artfully laid against me will disappear and your case will crumble to dust around you.”

Tokyo Nights: Season One

Tokyo Nights: Season One - List of Episodes

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