Rainbow Snippets – Tokyo Nights S2

This weeks Rainbow Snippet comes straight from the first draft of Season Two- Episode Seven, and is on the darker side of the Tokyo Nights universe. It is centred around my protaganist Goushi Asano, who as head of the Yamashita Organisation – Yakuza – you would expect him to be a less than law-abiding person; hands well soaked in blood. But it is his obsession with Angel and their history that stretches back 15 years that has me wanting to scrub myself clean after each scene I write involving him. And yet, Goushi’s scenes can also be the easiest to write and half of what goes on his head thnakfully never makes it to the page…

TW: References to a past underage relationship.

“You’re mine, Angel, and it’s time you came home.”

“I am home,” Angel spat while trying to push back against the part of them that wanted to do whatever Goushi asked.

“No-” Goushi leered. “-this is a child playing house, and nothing more.”

“I. Am. Not. A. Child.”

“Oh, but Angel, you are. To me you’ll always be a child; that beautiful fifteen-year old who stared at me in terror. Eyes wide, dripping with tears as I forced you to your knees.”

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