Rainbow Snippets – Tokyo Nights S2

I’ve finished editing Crossing the Line and now just waiting for it to go live on Amazon before publishing it wide. The first chapters are always hard to edit because you want to get them right, make them interesting enough to catch the attention of readers and keep them reading… the last chapters are harder because it means you are about to say goodbye to your characters and I know that I tend to move slower through edits reluctant to hit ‘the end’ again.

But as always with the end of one project another will rise up to fill its place.

With Crossing the Line finished, my attention will turn to Tokyo Nights: Season 2 and will begin the process of editing the first few episodes soon. The draft has hit the final stretch and the end is almost in sight and so my mind has already begun thinking about the next project: heading back to China for a historical novel set around the 1870’s involving a paleotologist and his Chinese guide/translator. It also has the potential to be a series, focusing on other science disciplines.

Today’s Rainbow Snippet comes from Tokyo Nights: Season 2, Episode Six.

Masanori shifted to stare at the man who’d spoken. Shibata lay there, sprawled on his stomach and blankets half covering him revealing the scars on his back. He didn’t mean to flinch at the sight of them, it hadn’t been him who’d put them there, but Masanori had seen the aftermath: Tatsuo’s distraught state as he clutched at Shibata’s bloodied body. Until that moment he’d never stopped to consider what he might feel about Shibata, beyond his anger at him for hurting Tatsuo and Angel; had never thought what transpired between Tatsuo and Shibata had been anything but a fling. But right then Masanori realised he’d become enthralled by the man as much as Tatsuo had become. Ready to kill his friend over the damage he’d inflicted on Shibata’s body. And that had scared the fuck out of him.

Tokyo Nights: Season One

When love grabs you, where do your loyalties lie? With the man you shouldn’t love, Or with the law you no longer wish to obey?

Episode One: Episode Two: Episode Three: Episode Four: Episode Five: Episode Six: Episode Seven: Episode Eight: Episode Nine: Episode Ten

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