Rainbow Snippets – Tokyo Nights S2

Merry Christmas everyone….

The past year – maybe a little bit over – has been an interesting one for me both personally and as an author. Busy too. I’ve published four novels (and another waiting to be edited), one 10-part serial and a novella, though my sales have been low. Though instead of being discouraged I have a notebook full of plot bunnies both for series and standalone novels – historical, suspense and contemporary – that are begging to be written. It shall be fun trying to figure out which ones to focus on first once I finish the second season of Tokyo Nights and Kirushima’s novella.

This weeks Rainbow Snippet comes from the Tokyo Nights: Season Two. I have four episodes currently drafted and have so far stuck to my plan to get them all drafted before I begin editing. In this snippet one of the new characters joining the cast is Ryohei Suyama, a reporter who is based at the Shinjuku Station.

Hisato started walking back down the hallway managing to get three- four steps from the doors into the department before Suyama’s voice echoed behind him. “Then what about Yamauchi? I hear you’ve been digging into his files too. But not those relating to his murder… those that might point to who he truly is.” Hisato froze, nails drawing blood from his palms at the name of the man who’d seen him sent undercover in the first place. “I can help you Detective Shibata. Help you figure out what is so important about him.”

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