Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights Season 2

The heat of summer has finally arrived in NZ along with thunderstorms, mugginess and sunburn – and on a good/bad day you might get all three. It also means Xmas is fast approaching and so is the New Year. And isn’t that just scary to think about.

This weeks Rainbow Snippet comes from the second season of Tokyo Nights that I’m currently working away at on top of a couple of other projects.

His chest rose with breaths that grew increasingly ragged, hand frozen over the skin it had been touching and unable to pull his gaze away from Shibata’s. Surprised to see the level of heat being shown toward him. Shibata grabbed his hand lifting it off his abdomen and dragging it lower, Masanori’s finger tips brushing over fabric and the hard cock straining beneath it. He groaned, a low rumbling sound that rose in his throat as he sunk to his knees. This wasn’t how he thought the night would go, but Masanori couldn’t deny his body, his mind what it wanted. He pressed kisses into the bruised flesh as he fumbled to unfasten Shibata’s pants.

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