Rainbow Snippets–Rebellion

This week’s Rainbow Snippet comes from my latest release, Rebellion an historical romance set during the late Qing Dynasty/Victorian era and involves the events of the Boxer Rebellion.

Alfred watched as Zhang stood and moved away, stripping his clothes off until he stood in the middle of the clearing bare chested. He gulped, struggled to pull his quickly heating gaze away believing it would be no more welcome here than it was back home. Especially while they were in such a public space. Alfred slipped the sketchbook back into his satchel and stood, sneaking one last appreciative glance at Zhang before he left. Breath catching in his throat at the sight of the man as he lunged forward, hands moving, thrusting in a very precise way and his muscles rippling with each action. Alfred could have stood and watched Zhang till the moon replaced the sun in the sky. But he couldn’t. Shouldering his satchel, he walked toward the gateway on the other side of the space intent on looking for somewhere else to be.



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Crossing the Line

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