Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights: Season Two

December 1st, twenty-four days till Xmas and the first day of Summer or at least down here in the Southern hemisphere. It also means school is winding up for the kids, prizegiving ceremonies are on the horizon and so are the long summer days, if only it didn’t rain so much. Okay, so its not raining too much, just enough to be annoying, but at least I don’t have to water the garden. This weeks snippet comes from the first draft of Tokyo Nights: Season Two that is being slowly worked on – so far up to Episode 3 – and new characters are making an appearance.

Cocky. Way too cocky, Hisato thought as he easily deflected the man’s next attack. He’d obviously missed the memo about Hisato being a fighter, one who loved to use his fists to bring his opponents down. And this man, Hisato quickly surmised was not a fighter; at least not without a weapon in his hand. He didn’t wait for the next sloppy attack to come. Hisato surged forward raising his foot as he spun side on and slammed it into the thug’s chest sending him stumbling back.

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