Rainbow Snippets–A New WIP

This week I finished the last of the blog posts I needed to write ahead of the promotion of Rebellion.  All I have left to do know is collect everything together; take a photo (and I hate having my photo taking); format the MS and then send it all off. I also found time to release Sagaki: A Tokyo Nights Novella and write some more words on Tokyo Nights: Season Two.

Now that two of my projects are finished I should be steaming ahead with Season Two while also editing the fourth and final book in The Yakuza and the English Teacher series, but I’m not. Instead I’ve been drawn back to an older MS that was never fully completed. It was one my first attempts at an original piece of work and I’ve never been able to let it simply sit in the corner even though that early draft is quite horrendous. So in taking a break from the world of the Yakuza I’ve picked it up again and have begun to rewrite it… not an easy task when the first draft was written in first person and I now prefer to work in third. The editing of it will be a bitch… a lot of grounding it in a place and time, but I think it’s going to be worth it. Maybe….

Today’s snippet comes from this revised work: The Bespectacled Man

Two hours Calvin had to wait. Two excruciating hours with a woman whose beauty no longer dazzled him like it had at the beginning of the night. Hadn’t given a damn about her interests or the vapidness of her personality once he’d spotted Mason outside the hotel doors; a striking man hanging off his arm. A jealous rage had surged in his veins, coloured his vision until he could see nothing but Mason and that man. Hell, he knew Mason wasn’t a bloody monk, that he had to spend his spare time with others; to date. But seeing it was another matter entirely. And Calvin didn’t like it one bit.

Tokyo Nights: Season One

Episode One: Episode Two: Episode Three: Episode Four: Episode Five: Episode Six: Episode Seven: Episode Eight: Episode Nine: Episode Ten

Sagaki: A Tokyo Nights Novella

The Yakuza and the English Teacher series

Dangerous Lessons: Dangerous Love: Dangerous Life

Crossing the Line


Coming Soon

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