Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights

This week has been a full-on one, filled with teenage drama brought on by the stress of their exams and getting organised for the release in December of Rebellion – my historical novel. But on the writing front I’m busy editing Sagaki: A Tokyo Nights Novella and Book Four in The Yakuza and the English Teacher series is waiting to be edited.

This weeks snippet comes from the Sagaki’s novella.

“Fine. My mother was Korean. My father… who the fuck knows. Some high-ranked Yakuza who tossed her aside when she could no longer bring in money because he’d knocked her up.”

“And yet you work here, for a business run by a yakuza organisation.”

“Different organisation. And the fucker is dead.”

So, not so unknown. Sagaki wasn’t going to push for information on who this dead yakuza was when it wasn’t any of his business. He did however love the anger seeping through Kirushima’s cold shell and dragged his tongue across his bottom lip. The action not missed by Kirushima who smirked at him and leaned back in his chair.


Untitled design (13)

Releasing Early December

Tokyo Nights: Season One

Promises are kept, and new ones are made. Dangerous promises that Hisato knows will not end well... for him. Retribution the death of the Crooked Hearts' hosts is in Ogawa's grasp and he

Episode One: Episode Two: Episode Three: Episode Four: Episode Five: Episode Six: Episode Seven: Episode Eight: Episode Nine: Episode Ten

The Yakuza and the English Teacher series

Love was never meant to be this dangerous.

Dangerous Lessons: Dangerous Love: Dangerous Life

Crossing the Line

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