Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights

This I published Episode Ten, the last installment of Tokyo Nights: Season One. Feels good to have finished the season and I’m pretty up with how it went, though for Season Two I will write it all in advance first. That way, there won’t be the huge pressure to write/edit/publish within a short space of time. Plus it means that while I’m pubbing it I can work on other WIPs. Also this week I handed in my final university assignment. Yay!

This weeks Rainbow Snippet comes from the upcoming novella in the Tokyo Nights Universe, titled Sagaki. It’s still very much at the draft stage…

Kirushima furrowed his brows and opened his mouth to speak, only to stop as the door opened and Shibata walked in. Confusion turned to jealousy as Sagaki noticed Kirushima’s gaze flicked to Shibata. Not that Shibata’s expression was any better as he turned to face him. The cheeky quirk of his lips never meant anything good for Sagaki.

Definitely. Not. Good. As Shibata strode toward him.

“Shibata, this is a little late for you to be-” The rest of the sentence cut off by Shibata’s lips. He shoved him away, not liking the dangerous anger building behind him. “What the fuck was that for?”

“Sweetening you up before I deliver the bad news.”

“Bad news? Fuck, nothing will be as bad as the trouble you’re going to cause me with your boyfriend.” And with Kirushima.

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