Rainbow Snippets: Tokyo Nights


This week has been an interesting. I had a one-on-one talk with my tutor over the piece of writing (two-thousand word sample of a larger MS) I have been working on for my university course and it didn’t quite go they way I expected. Never thought I would have to defend my story for not making homophobia a central part it. My tutor straight out told me that while she thought my story concept had real potential, she didn’t believe it possible to have a character as an ‘out’ member of the US Military. Then once I defended that she then tried to turn it around to homophobia in Japan… I wasted a good half of the fifteen minutes allotted to speak with her over why homophobia wasn’t in the story – as in the internal conflict of the characters. It was incredibly frustrating as I’d written a queer piece for another course and the lecturer was nothing but positive about it…. but anyway I can only keep working on my final piece and wait to see what happens.

With my other writing, I have published Tokyo Nights: Episode Nine this week and now have to begin editing Episode Ten. Have been dragging my feet over it with Episode Ten being the last one for Season One as it’s always hard to let the story go, even though I have plans for Season Two. But it’s also why have been dragging my feet with the draft of Crossing the Line (The Yakuza and the English Teacher spinoff) and with the Tokyo Nights novella. Today’s  Rainbow Snippet comes from the draft of this novella which is titled ‘Sagaki’ at the moment.

Kirushima waved his hand at him dismissively and it irked Sagaki. He was the boss not Kirushima, clenching his fists as his anger surged. Anger that didn’t temper the arousal heating his blood but stoked it hotter and Sagaki realised Kirushima was right. He didn’t know what he wanted: to bend Kirushima over his accursed desk, arms pinned to the small of his back as Sagaki fucked him, or…

…let Kirushima be the one to call the shots. To fuck him hard. Relinquishing control of everything for a few minutes and just be.

“Go home, Sagaki.”

Tokyo Nights

Promises are kept, and new ones are made. Dangerous promises that Hisato knows will not end well... for him. Retribution the death of the Crooked Hearts' hosts is in Ogawa's grasp and he

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The Yakuza and the English Teacher series

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Dangerous Lessons: Dangerous Love: Dangerous Life

Crossing the Line

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