Rainbow Snippets

This week has been a busy week as I finished off the edits for Tokyo Nights: Episode Eight and worked on a university assignment. Thankfully the main part of the assignment had been done and I just needed to work on the three-hundred word introduction which had to be formatted like an essay and include: what the story was about; how it would form part of a larger cohesive manuscript, and how it compared to two other published works in your genre….. yeah, mine went over three-hundred words and I still came nowhere close to explaining anything.

On top of all this I began writing a novella set in the Tokyo Nights’ universe following one of my favourite side characters, Jun Sagaki. Well it’s supposed to be a novella – planning on no more than twenty-five thousand words – but at six-thousand words in I’m not too sure… Timeline wise it falls between Season One and Season Two and is currently untitled. This weeks Rainbow Snippet comes from its first draft.

Kirushima’s hand landed on the lapels of his jacket, trailing down them and fingering the buttons. Teasing them but not quite slipping them loose. Sagaki watched him. Watched the unchanging expression on Kirushima’s face; the underlying challenge, daring him to step back – to stop the hand from drifting further as it reached the hem of his suit jacket. Sagaki didn’t move. Should have. But he was stuck in place, captured by the desire heating his blood and the need to know how far Kirushima would go. Breath hitched. Heart pounded. He pressed his lips tight together, holding back the desperate whimpers wanting to escape. Fought with the need to beg as Kirushima’s fingers brushed against his hard cock before disappearing.

Tokyo Nights: Season One

“Is this one of those hurt my friend and I_ll kill you type speeches_”“Except… I really will kill you and they_ll be lucky to identify your body.”

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The Yakuza and the English Teacher series

Untitled design (2)

Dangerous Lessons: Dangerous Love: Dangerous Life

Crossing the Line

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