Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights E6

Tokyo Nights: Episode Six has now been released, and I’ve begun writing the draft of the final episode. I think this final episode is the hardest one to write, needing to ensure a HFN ending, while setting it up for the next season without sounding like I’ve just stopped in the middle/beginning of a new arc.

Today’s snippet comes from Episode Six.

Ten long minutes of waiting and Tadashi got up from his table to join the mass of fans dancing and cheering on the dancefloor. Hisato thanked the gods, placing the drink he’d been nursing on the bar and pushed off his seat. He barely heard Sagaki murmur, “Good luck,” as he strode into the mess of bodies, weaving through them with his gaze fixed on Tadashi. Excitement sung in his veins, getting louder the closer to Tadashi he got and Hisato didn’t know if it was from the thrill of snatching a Yakuza’s lover or that this might snag him his own…

Tokyo (1)

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