Rainbow Snippets

This week has been a busy week as I finished off the edits for Tokyo Nights: Episode Eight and worked on a university assignment. Thankfully the main part of the assignment had been done and I just needed to work on the three-hundred word introduction which had to be formatted like an essay and include:... Continue Reading →

Clash of Cultures–Tattoos

When cultural clashes occur between characters it isn’t always over big political/moral beliefs but can occur over small things that for one character might seem insignificant. For Jamie and Gou one area where the difference in their cultural beliefs stands out is over tattoos. For Jamie they are art, personal connections with the past or... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights

Missed last weeks Rainbow Snippets as I was busy with Gymnastics and attending the local writers festival on top of getting my own work done, like publishing Tokyo Nights Episode Seven. I have finished the last of the drafts for Season One, just need to work through them for edits and have already thought about how... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights E6

Tokyo Nights: Episode Six has now been released, and I’ve begun writing the draft of the final episode. I think this final episode is the hardest one to write, needing to ensure a HFN ending, while setting it up for the next season without sounding like I’ve just stopped in the middle/beginning of a new... Continue Reading →

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