Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights

This weeks Rainbow Snippet comes from Episode Six of Tokyo Nights which just needs a final proofread and formatting before I hit publish.

My week has been busy finishing up a writing sample for my creative writing course and submitting it for peer review/critique. Now getting your work critiqued by others can be a terrifying ordeal and doesn’t always provide favourable responses – though someone gushing over your work as brilliant doesn’t help either. It can be especially daunting when the other writers taking the course come from a wide variety of writing styles/genres (Literary Fiction, SFF, Short Story, Creative Nonfiction and Poetry) and you will strike those that can’t see beyond there own genre or style of writing… hence I got an amusing response to my sample when I was told that my opening sentence,  “This is a fucking PR nightmare.” ‘would alienate half my audience and publishing agents’… because I swore or at least my character had. Yes I laughed hard and struggled to take the rest of their critique seriously.

Anyway back to my snippet.

And why did the idea of turning on Ogawa feel like an act of betrayal?

Hisato couldn’t betray Ogawa when his loyalty didn’t lie with him but with the law he’d sworn to uphold. Swore an oath to protect the citizens of Tokyo and bring men like Ogawa to justice.

And why did those words now feel strange to say?

Yet, he couldn’t deny his attraction to Ogawa, not after he’d sunk to his knees willingly. Begged to do it. An attraction that kept growing in strength despite Ogawa’s blood-stained hands, or because of it? Made him willing to stain his own hands in blood to keep Ogawa safe and to see that dangerous grin. He gripped the phone with blanched knuckles and willed his attention to remain on the conversation and not drift toward fantasies he should never entertain.


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