Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights: Episode Four

This week Episode Four of Tokyo Nights: Season One went live and to celebrate this weeks snippet will come from it.

My week has been busy preparing for course assignments, both a critique of a piece of literary fiction that I hated and yet all my classmates raved about it, one even stated that they thought all ‘passionate readers would enjoy the work’. Now I’m passionate reader, voracious even with the way I demolish books some weeks, but you know I do prefer my books to have substance and um.. punctuation. Yip, I get it that the author chose to do those sections without punctuation for stylistic reasons… but it made reading it awful. Not to mention every rule that as genre fiction writers are told to adhere to was not – head hopping (or as they called it, polyphonic voices), passive…. and they say Romance novels are low brow… haha haha. Anyway no more griping and on to my snippet.

“Don’t think of grabbing the gun, Angel.” Nagumo’s voice wrapped around Angel, and they wanted to claw at their skin, stand beneath a hot shower to rid themselves of the filth the man brought with him. Struggled to force down the memories Nagumo’s presence brought forth, ones Angel had fought desperately to forget. But as he grinned at Angel, it took them back to that house, that room and the men who visited it while Goushi watched.

STEP ONE_ Infiltrate Yamashita OrganisationSTEP TWO_ Get close to targetSTEP THREE_ Gather intelSTEP FOUR_ Get out. ALIVE
Tokyo Nights: Season One

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Love was never meant to be this dangerous.

The Yakuza and the English Teacher series

Dangerous Lessons: Dangerous Love: Dangerous Life

Crossing the Line

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights: Episode Four

  1. So with you on the punctuation issue! I recently tried to read a book that had no quotation marks – for no reason I could see, apart from to make it look more “literary” – and it made me so angry every time I picked it up! It’s just disregard for the readers.

    And oh! Great angst in that snippet. 🙂

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