Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights

This weeks Rainbow Snippet comes from Episode Six of Tokyo Nights which just needs a final proofread and formatting before I hit publish. My week has been busy finishing up a writing sample for my creative writing course and submitting it for peer review/critique. Now getting your work critiqued by others can be a terrifying... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights

With Tokyo Nights: Episode Five now published, there is only five more in the season to go. It’s definitely been an interesting process – that I will blog about at some point – but also fun and one that I hope benefits my longer novels as well. Also this week, I have joined with five... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets

This weeks Rainbow Snippet is coming from a piece that I’m writing for a creative writing course. I’ve just finished the literary critique assignment (though I need to proof it again before I hand it in) and the next assignment is finally two-thousand words of our own writing. It is set in Okinawa and will... Continue Reading →

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