Rainbow Snippets–Crossing the Line

This week snippet comes from the spinoff novel for The Yakuza and the English Teacher series, called Crossing the Line. I’ve started putting the unedited version up on Wattpad to keep myself motivated to finish it before it gets shoved to the bottom of the writing pile.

Brian and Ken first met in book two – Dangerous Love – when Ken follows Jamie back to NZ and sparks flew, even if Brian wanted to deny it. But with Jamie being his best mate there was always going to be chance of running into Ken again and when they do the attraction is harder to fight.

He clenched his fists tighter, fingernails dug into flesh and his jaw ached. Jamie’s comments implied that Kennosuke did this regularly and Brian began to wonder how often it went beyond the need to pound his fists on flesh, did Kennosuke fuck those he fought too, just like he’d done with Brian back in New Zealand? Another wave of unwanted fury flooded Brian and it was only the not very discreet cough from Jamie that dragged his heated gaze away from Kennosuke. Not that looking at Jamie and Gou was any better. Their cocky know-it-all grins just as infuriating as the blood staining Kennosuke’s shirt.

Love was never meant to be this dangerous.

The Yakuza and the English Teacher Series

Dangerous Lessons: Dangerous Love: Dangerous Life

His assignment is only getting more dangerous.

Tokyo Nights: Season One

Episode One: Episode Two: Episode Three

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