Rainbow Snippets–Crossing the Line

This week snippet comes from the spinoff novel for The Yakuza and the English Teacher series, called Crossing the Line. I’ve started putting the unedited version up on Wattpad to keep myself motivated to finish it before it gets shoved to the bottom of the writing pile. Brian and Ken first met in book two... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Nights: Relationships

As a panster, having a story evolve in a direction that wasn’t expected is nothing new. It can make the whole writing process exciting as the characters reveal more of themselves on the page and push the story away from the intended narrative, or at least make the journey a lot more twisted – frustrated.... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Tokyo Nights

Tokyo Nights: Episode Three is now available and without all the drama the last episode endured. This week I’ve started my last semester of university studies. It’s only one paper – Creative Writing – but it looks to be very full on with the weekly course load on top of the assignments. I’ve had to... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippet–Tokyo Nights

Tokyo Nights: Episode Two is now available and Episode Three is almost ready for release, while two more are waiting to be edited. I’m taking a break from writing it for the next two days – writing anything – after injuring my thumb coaching gymnastics. It doesn’t hurt – not a good thing – but... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Nights: Episode Two – Release

  After much frustration Episode Two is finally released... whew! I hope Episode Three won't prove to be as difficult to get up... well I can hope. Hisato continues to his struggle to stick to his assignment, but his growing attraction to Ogawa threatens to derail him. Ogawa isn't faring much better, finding he needs... Continue Reading →

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