Rainbow Snippet–Tokyo Nights S1 E2

This weeks snippet is a sneak peek from Tokyo Nights – Episode Two, releasing this Thursday – hopefully. I’ve now put up character information under the Tokyo Nights page. It’s only basic but I will add to it as I go. The serial is keeping me pretty busy trying to manage different parts of the process at once, while also plodding along with another novel – the fourth book in The Yakuza and the English Teacher series, following Gou’s nephew Ken. I’m also waiting for marks back on my last Creative Nonfiction assignment and final over all grade back, before beginning the next (and last paper of my degree) creative fiction writing paper.


Tatsuo perked up as the men entered the room. Two of them – Yuki and Sato – were experienced hosts and had worked for Crooked Hearts for the last two years, quickly proving themselves to be trustworthy. The third man – Tadashi – was newer, having worked at Crooked Hearts for six months but had come highly recommended from another host club owned by the Yamashita. He grinned, leaned back on the couch as he beckoned to Yuki and Sato. Gorgeous men, impeccably groomed and their mouths talented at more than the art of conversation, just what Tatsuo needed.


Tokyo Nights: Season One – Episode One

Tokyo Nights

The Yakuza and the English Teacher Series

Love was never meant to be this dangerous.

Book One : Dangerous Lessons

Book Two: Dangerous Love

Book Three: Dangerous Life

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