Dangerous Questions – Jamie

This takes place after the events of Dangerous Life and is only a little spoiler-ish, but then we all know Romance must have a Happy Ever After so it doesn’t spoil the important parts of the book.

Enjoy 🙂

Love was never meant to be this dangerous.


“I want my lawyer.” Jamie slumped back against the chair, arms folded across his chest.

“We just want to ask you a few questions, Mr McKay.”

“It’s Kitayama and I want my lawyer. I know my rights.”

“Kitayama… that’s who we want to talk to you about. He’s funding the operation your heading. The legal corporate side… are you also involved the other?”


“No. We know he’s not a lawyer,” the man in front of him remarked, smirking at Jamie as though he’d told a funny joke. “But we do want to know why a man like yourself with no prior criminal offences appears to be associating with a man, who by our investigation has strong Yakuza ties. You are aware of what the Yakuza are, Mr McKay?”

“Lawyer.” Jamie’s jaw ached and his foot tapped out his annoyance.

“Right then… so, what is your relationship with Mr Kitayama? Are you in debt with him? It wouldn’t be the first time a foreign national has borrowed money from the wrong people… Is he threatening you?”

Jamie wanted to laugh at the ridiculousness of the questions being asked. He couldn’t deny those types of situations didn’t happen, with it being his and Kennosuke’s job to go shake down the late payers. “Lawyer.”

“Is he coercing you? Trapped you in some sex-slave situation that you can’t get out of?”

Jamie’s body began to shake. He bit his lip trying to contain it but it wasn’t working. “Fucking hell, Brian! They aren’t going to ask questions like that. Sex-slave situation, really?”

“Jamie, you never know what they might ask or say to make you spill the information they want. Now take it seriously.”

He breathed deep. Stopped the laughter and wiped the tears from his eyes. Why had he let himself be talked into this mock interrogation that Brian thought he needed to do. How hard could it be to keep asking for his lawyer.

“Mr McKay, answer the questions.”

“Not without my lawyer.”

“You’re not helping yourself protecting this man. He’s what… old enough to be your father?”

Jamie snorted. “Only if he had me at fourteen. Now I want my lawyer.”

“We can protect you from him, but first you need to tell us what we need to know, Mr McKay.”

“How many times do I need to tell you, It’s Kitayama,” he hissed.

“Yes, about that… why did you change your name? Why take on the name of a known criminal?”


“No Mr McKay… answer the question. Why did you change your name?”

“Oh, for fucks sake Brian… can you stop calling me Mr McKay, you were at the damned wedding!”



“He coerced you into marriage, didn’t he? Held a gun at your head until you said yes.”

“No!” Jamie jumped to his feet, hands curling against the wooden table. “Would you stop being an arse. If anyone was pointing guns, it was me, at him.”

Brian’s head hit the table with a thud, and then another. “This is why you need to practice, Jamie. The answer to any question is ‘lawyer’ otherwise they’ll keep prodding until you spill. And the last thing you fucking say when the police are questioning you is that you’ve handled a gun and pointed at someone else.”

“Fired it too. Killed a man.” Now it was Jamie’s turn to smirk.

“And please don’t ever admit to that. Never. Ever.”

“Then stop asking questions about mine and Gou’s relationship. Especially ones you already know the answers too.”

“But that’s just it! The police don’t know the answers. All they see is a good ol’ Kiwi boy hanging out in Japan with the Yakuza and setting up manufacturing plant in New Zealand.” Jamie watched as Brian rubbed at his temples. “That is the type of questions that they – that I’ve asked before.”

“Fine.” He dropped back on the chair. “Start again.”

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