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This is an unusual post, in that it has many authors. Yesterday in a writers’ group I’m in, we had a “Tantalizing Tuesday,” where we posted flash fiction (500 words or fewer) or poetry, using one of a set of photos, or one of four sentences as an inspiration point. Bonita Franks and I, with the authors’ permissions, of course, are posting the resulting fiction or poems to our blogs. Bonita has done half (a link to follow), and this is my half. They were all done using the same photo. Here it is. I’ll add similar images as we go.


Intriguing, isn’t it? Here are the submissions:

Yikes! Somehow I missed grabbing a submission! I’m so sorry! Here it is, in pride of place, to make up for my goof. (Forgive me, Kathy?)

Kathy Griffith

Dark Alley

The young man approached the narrow staircase with quite a bit of…

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Rainbow Snippets-Dangerous Lessons

Another snippet from my first book in The Yakuza and the English Teacher series - Dangerous Lessons. ................................................... Jamie’s voice was heavy, squeezed past a throat growing tight with lust. His mouth felt dry, yet Jamie thought he was drooling. The art, and that’s what it was, etched into Gou’s skin made him want to... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Dangerous Lessons

 Today's snippet comes from my first book, Dangerous Lessons. ........................................... Gou watched Jamie tip his head back and down the beer. Watched the way his throat moved and his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed. Images flooded Gou’s mind, making the grin on his face darker and he found himself becoming jealous of the bottle... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippet–Tokyo Nights

This weeks Rainbow Snippet is taken from my new WIP – Tokyo Nights – a Dark Romance. I plan to release it as a serialised novel, aiming for each finished episode to about 10k. Tokyo Nights Follows an undercover cop tasked with bringing down a man who is rising within the ranks of a Yakuza... Continue Reading →

WIP–Brian and Ken

This a piece fro my current WIP and is the spin off from The Yakuza and the English Teacher series featuring Gou’s nephew Kennosuke and Jamie’s best mate Brian. The pair first met in book 2 Dangerous Love and they’ve been itching to have their own story ever since. This is from the first draft... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Snippets–Dangerous Lessons

Today's snippet is a blast back in time to the first book I published (and the first in The Yakuza and the English Teacher) Dangerous Lessons. It can be a bit cringy looking back at what you've written in the past, not because it isn't any good, but you can see how far your writing... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Questions – Jamie

This takes place after the events of Dangerous Life and is only a little spoiler-ish, but then we all know Romance must have a Happy Ever After so it doesn’t spoil the important parts of the book. Enjoy 🙂 ………………………………… “I want my lawyer.” Jamie slumped back against the chair, arms folded across his chest.... Continue Reading →

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