Rainbow Snippet–Dangerous Lessons

This weeks Rainbow Snippets comes from Dangerous Lessons and picks up a few paragraphs on from a previous snippet post that you can read here (if you haven’t read it already or need a reminder).


Gou waved the bartender down and a glass of whiskey was soon pushed toward him, leaving Jamie confused. This club was not the type of place he expected to see someone like Gou. Age aside, the three-piece suit he wore more suited to the bars on the other side of the river in Gion, than here.

Gou knocked back the drink and signaled for another before turning to stare at Jamie, a dangerous grin on his face. “I own this place, Jamie.” The power radiating from him spoke of a danger Jamie wouldn’t have associated with a mere businessman. Predatory. Fear invoking. “No one will touch you. They know you are mine, now.” The words falling across his skin as Gou leaned forward, scorching it.



Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook created to share snippets of work with a LGBTQIA+ theme

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