Rainbow Snippets–Sneak Peek

This weeks Rainbow Snippets comes from a WIP and is set to be a spin off book for The Yakuza and the English Teacher series involving Gou’s nephew Kennosuke and Jamie’s best mate Brian who first meet in Dangerous Love.


He’d wanted to pop the guy right from the start. Get it over with quick rather than try to negotiate with a man who had access to… whatever he wanted if he managed to break into the stores gun-safes. But even then he’d brought enough of his onw weapons to keep the police busy. It had taken ages to get close, the damn fuckwit keep taking pot-shots at them, before they’d ended his little siege. Sometimes there were disadvantages to being on this side of the law, like following it.


Dangerous Love – Book Two

James LouisK. Stevenson (1)

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