Rainbow Snippets–Dangerous Lessons

This weeks snippet comes from the first book I published and is the first book in the Yakuza and the English Teacher series – Dangerous Lessons.


He leaned into the couch, resting one arm along its back while his other hand rested on his thigh. The rings he wore caught the light and drew Jamie’s gaze to them and Gou heard his breath hitch before he sat down. Watching Jamie’s reactions, the way he pulled himself back together and regained a sense of professionalism was fascinating to Gou, the man still prepared to do the job he had been employed for when so many would already be on their knees begging or have fled in fear. And yet, a nervous edge still clung to his words; a tremor in his movements which told Gou all he wanted to know – Jamie wanted him, as much as Gou did him.



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