Dangerous Love–Excerpt

Dangerous Love – Book 2: The Yakuza and the English Teacher series


“Enjoying yourself, Jamie?” Gou’s voice came low, the heat of his breath dancing across his neck. “Hmm,” leaning back against Gou and wishing there weren’t so many layers between them, or so many people surrounding them. “What are we doing after this?” The last of the bonfires sparked to life on the hills and he could see the twinkling of light as lanterns were set afloat down the Kamo River. Lanterns to guide the ancestors who had visited find their way home. He smirked as Gou’s face stayed tucked against his neck, heated puffs of air falling on the exposed skin while all around them fireworks erupted. Colours bloomed on the dark canvas, etching themselves on it like the ink Gou wore hidden beneath his suit. And Jamie thought it was just as beautiful. As quick as the colours came, they faded away and the bonfires returned the hills of Kyoto to darkness. The people around them began to make their way toward the exit and would soon join the others who swarmed the city streets.

“We need to stop by the club and then pay a visit to an Ochaya in Gion, before we can go home.”

“Okay.” Jamie didn’t need to confirm where Gou meant by home as it always meant Gou’s house and not his apartment. Though he would rather not visit the Ochaya, knowing Gou’s mother would more than likely be there. Her icy regard for Jamie hadn’t melted over the past six months.

He pulled out his phone to message Ken that he wouldn’t be home and remembered something important he needed to ask Gou. Gou wouldn’t like it, but if Jamie was to remain in Japan, he needed to sort out his visa and soon. The last thing Jamie wanted was to be forced back to New Zealand.

“Gou, I need my passport back,” blurting out the request. He didn’t miss the way Gou tensed, the man’s arms holding him tighter.


Jamie could feel Gou’s anger as it washed over him. The fear of him leaving never having left the older man’s mind. “I need to renew my visa,” speaking soft and keeping his voice calm as he tried to reassure the possessive man. But it wasn’t working. Gou’s fingers dug into his arms, with only the thick layers of fabric preventing bruises from being left behind. “I’m not going anywhere. I promise,” turning in the man’s hold as his grip loosened and stared straight at Gou. “I’ll even give it back to you, once I’ve sorted it.”

Gou remained tense as he clutched Jamie tight, afraid he might disappear. Jamie wanted him to speak. Wished he had waited to bring it up when they were somewhere alone, though as he glanced around the rooftop, they were the only ones still standing there. Kou and Soichirou stood off to the side, looking at them with grave concern and Jamie had to raise a hand to stop Soichirou from approaching. He could handle this.

“Gou, if I don’t get my visa sorted, then I will have no choice. I will be forced to return to New Zealand,” reaching up to caress the man’s face and try to brush the tension away. He wanted the darkness in Gou’s eyes gone. “I don’t want to leave. I want to stay here, with you.”

The tight hold on him released and Gou rested his forehead on Jamie’s shoulder. “You’re right. Remind me to give it to you in the morning.” Gou released him and moved toward the exit. He released a shaky sigh before hurrying after him, catching up to Gou as he stopped and turned. “You don’t need to give it back. I-I know you aren’t going to leave. I trust you, Jamie.”

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